What To Expect

Sessions & Method

Our training methodology is a fusion of full-body movements. We focus on mobility, strength, olympic weightlifting & cardio which delivers a diverse & effective training format that targets all aspects of fitness.

Whether you’ve never stepped foot in a gym or you’re a seasoned athlete, our sessions can be adjusted to suit any fitness level or physical ability.


Group Fitness

In a group setting we'll guide you through a different strength and conditioning workout each day where we'll make you sweat, laugh and question your life choices - all while chasing your fitness goals.


Parent Friendly

During designated "tiny tyrant" hours, we dial down the tunes and set up a baby playpen so you can conquer your daily workout while keeping a vigilant eye on your mini-me.


Open Gym Hours

Whether you prefer a solo sweat session or a self-guided class experience, we offer extended Open Gym hours where you can swing by and battle a workout at your own pace.


Personal Training

Gain some extra confidence as you get started or work on a weakness with a dedicated personal training session. If the 1:1 style is not for you, bring in a mate for a duo session.